Last year we launched a new venture - creating opportunities for married couples to strengthen their marriages through fun retreats and workshops. This was no part-time venture for us and we needed our web presence to be very professional. We are not talented in visual arts or graphics and we needed someone to create a visual concept as well as to develop and host the site. We were very excited with what WebsiteQ came up with.

Shortly after launching the site, we thought of a new business idea in which we would allow wedding invitees the opportunity to submit online wedding toasts, advice, congratulations or other messages to a newlywed couple. These messages would then be combined into a published keepsake for the newlyweds. In order to do this, we needed to quickly put up a site with fairly unusual elements and we were gratified to see that WebsiteQ came through for us in the time-frame we required. We are still in the beginning stages of launching this new service and as it progresses toward increased automation, our technical requirements will change accordingly. We feel confidant WebsiteQ can continue to be a valuable partner in our business; allowing us to spend our time creating better relationships.

Chuck and Laraine Chamberlain


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